***As of February 1st of 2019, YANA Counseling Services LLC will not be taking any new clients or referrals for counseling services***



Welcome! Our journey towards creating a counseling space guided by compassion, love and acceptance, began as a vague idea when the three of us met while working together as substance abuse counselors. Our passion for people connected us instantly and that lead us three years later to join our efforts, expertise, and vision to originate YANA.

YANA stands for "You are not alone". Our hope is that you feel heard, understood and supported through whatever circumstances bring you to us. Personal growth should be enlightening,  providing more than just therapy; helping you to reconnect with yourself to create a life of purpose and joy. We will identify reoccurring patterns and themes running throughout your experiences and find solutions that are realistic and applicable.


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300 Berkshire Dr. Suite I

Columbia, SC 29223


Servicios de Terapia y Consejeria en Espanol


En YANA ofrecemos terapias para ninos, adolescentes y adultos en ESPANOL. Nos especializamos en proveer servicios culturalmente apropiados y especificamente relacionados con los ajustes culturales y transiciones que se dan cuando se llega a un nuevo pais, sea cual sea tu pais de origen. Es importante que se sienta comodo y entendido en su propio idioma para poder establecer una buena relacion terapeutica que promueva motivacion y seguridad. LLAMENOS HOY!


We provide individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults in both English and Spanish. We specialize in providing culturally appropriate services and addressing challenges related to cultural adjustment and transitions and working with clients from different origins. We enjoy working with individuals from diverse backgrounds on a wide range of concerns, helping create positive changes in their lives by using an approach that is strengths based, empowering, and tailored to the person's individual needs and goals.



YANA's Mission


YANA's Mission is to create opportunities for individuals, couples and families to take charge of their emotional health, equipping the community with tools that are evidence-based, innovative and personalized, so they can live their best life!


YANA's Vision


YANA's Vision is to see our communities transformed by the love they experience through unique interventions and the power of the therapeutic relationship.


Our Values






Cultural Competence

The Therapeutic Relationship

Making the decision to start therapy takes courage. It shows a desire to rethink our choices and a hope for change. We believe that the right fit between a therapist and client is essential to the success of any treatment. This important relationship is the springboard for safe exploration into the areas of your life that you find challenging. 

Personal Growth
through Therapy

Therapy can be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, marriage issues, and the hassles of daily life. Our counselors can provide a fresh perspective on a difficult problem or assist you with identification of a solution.

Because each client has different needs we personalize therapy treatment to meet the specific needs to the issues and goals of each individual. We will work together on exploring issues in your life that you would like to gain clarity on and will schedule therapy sessions to a time frame and frequency that is most conducive to you reaching your desired goals.

What's therapy Like?


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